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4 Year Old Program


4 Year Old Program

The 4 year old class is lively and challenging.  Traditionally an exuberant age group, fours thrive on hands-on experiences.  They rely less on teacher direction and pursue activities that interest them.

Building on the many activities introduced the year before; the 4 year old program is more structured, offering a balance between academic readiness, teacher-student interaction, and large group play.  Letter recognition is reviewed and children are introduced to letter sound and formation.  The Open Court reading program reinforces the concepts of print with respect to reading and print directionality.  Sight words are introduced and children experience reading success paving the way a positive school experience.  Our pre=school program also encourages children to develop peer relationships;  play cooperatively with others as well as alongside them; to share, contribute and interact with others in a group: to explore and to create!  Many opportunities are provided to challenge children who are ready for pre-reading and pre-math activities.

Our program’s emphasis is on building confidence and self-esteem as well as enthusiasm for learning.

Technology is an integral part of learning. Our children are introduced to the iPad and the interactive SmartBoards, both tools integrated into our curriculum. The iPad offers unique opportunities for learning through exploration, creative problem solving, and self-guided instruction. Teachers use apps that help reinforce Pre K students to learn pre-reading skills, sequencing, sound-letter recognition and patterns. These applications help young students learn important concepts while having fun all through the use of their tiny fingertips.

SmartBoards are used in the classrooms both for teaching and as an interactive learning experience for the students.

Class includes one certified teacher and a teacher’s aide.

Class Schedule

                          - 3 day session - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:45 AM - 1:45 PM

                          - 5 day program – Monday through Friday   8:45 AM - 1:45 PM