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Spring Musical Donations - April 2022


We are in need of props and items for the SJS Musical, Cinderella, to be held in the Spring!  Please sign up below if you are able to donate or lend any of the listed items below ( and annotate if you will be donating or lending the item ).  Items borrowed will be returned after the performances.  Items donated will be kept for the next play.  Please see the flyer with pictures as a guide of what is needed.

We thank you in advance for your generosity!

Vending Carts/Boxes with Flowers (Cardboard or Wooden) (5)  
Basket with Flowers (10)
Sarah Broglie 
Happy to donate 5 of the 10

Fake Plants/Trees (4)  
Accessories for Fireplace
Betty Kelleher 

Wishing Well - Cardboard or Wooden  
Scrub Brush
Amy Sears 
will send into school w/my child in Mrs. Fry's.

Ironing Board
Anita Esser 

Vintage Iron
Heather Rosen 
I have 3 types contact me to see if they work for you

Cardboard Fireplace
Shari Gagliardo  
Cardboard fireplace

Small Dining Room Table w/ three chairs
Darlene Artherholt 
Lending brown wood folding table and folding chairs, can provide table cloth and chair covers to make fancier

Silver Hair Brush
Brianna Starkey 

Hair Ribbons (2)
Nicole Minnella 

Magic Wand
Diana Nastro 

Lorgnette (Glasses)  
Laundry Basket
Brianna Starkey 

Wooden Stool
Meghan Ryan 
Wooden Stool

Sewing Box w/large plastic needle and yarn
Anita Esser 
Lend Sewing Box

Room Screen/Divider
Lori Dougherty 
I can lend a screen

Red Pillow (for the slipper)
Jennifer OLeary 
Ava will bring it in

Artificial Dessert Tray
donna gemellaro 
I will order one and donate it

Artificial Bread Tray
Marisa Saliga 

Artificial Cheese Tray  
Artificial Chicken Tray  
Vase with Fake Flower Arrangement (2)
Meg Walsh 
Let me know when and where I can drop off

Ornate Dining Room Chair (2)  
Column/Pillar (2)  
Prom Gown (any size) (2)
Irene Zamar 

Hat Box (3)
Anita Esser 
Lending Hat Box

Overly Decorated Hat (3)
Nicole Minnella