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Volunteer Fingerprinting Procedures


1.  Access the Criminal History Review Unit's direct web address to begin the process. The web address is: . Click on "File Authorization and Make Electronic Payment for Criminal History Record Check."

2.  Select the First option: " New Administration Fee Request (New Applicants Only) ".

Enter your social security number and then press "Continue". 

3.  This screen displays four (4) options as to the job position(s) and employer.  Please select Option #3, " All job positions, except School Bus Drivers and Aides, for Non Public Schools " and proceed to the next screen.

4.  Complete the requested Applicant information and Legal Certification section.  The required "Job Category" and "School Info" sections should be filled with the information below.  In order to continue with the ePayment process, read and accept the terms of the AA&C by check the box.

  • "Job Category":   All parents should choose " Other (11) "
  • "School Info" section:
    • Choose "Other School Selection"​
      • County - "Monmouth County (26)"
      • District - "Red Bank (0798)"
      • School - "St James Grammar School (35H)"

5.  Please complete the required payment information.  You must click the “Make Payment” button only one time to complete the transaction.

6.  After completing the transaction, you will be presented with three required steps :

a.  View and/or print your New Administration Fee Payment Request confirmation page

b.  Complete and/or print your IdentoGo NJ Universal Fingerprint Form

c.  Click here to schedule your fingerprinting appointment with MorphoTrust

7.  Select the first option View and/or print your New Administrative Fee Payment Request confirmation page ” and print a copy of the receipt by clicking the print button in the upper right hand corner of the page and present a copy to the employing entity (school).

8.  Next select the second option Complete and/or print your IdentoGo NJ Universal Fingerprint Form ” to complete the IdentoGo NJ Universal Fingerprint Form.  Type the missing information into the seven highlighted boxes (height, weight, maiden name if applicable, place of birth, country of citizenship, hair color, and eye color).  After the form is complete, you must click on the “Submit” button at the top of the page.  When the form has been submitted, you must view and print the IdentoGo NJ Fingerprint Form and present it to IdentoGo at the time of LiveScan fingerprinting.

9.  Access the IdentoGo web page by selecting the third option Click here to schedule your fingerprinting appointment with IdentoGo. ” 

10.  In about 2 weeks, you will be able to view and print your “ Applicant Approval Employment History ” by accessing the Criminal History Review Unit website.  Please give a copy to your employer (school).

11.  Please print, fill out and return the " Diocese of Trenton - Code of Conduct " form.